This 1998 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Is The Ultimate Go-Anywhere Overlander

In this day and age, stumbling upon a well-kept Mercedes-Benz Unimog has become increasingly rare. It’s not that the overtly-equipped platforms are scarce; in fact, they’re relatively plentiful. The issue lies within their prominence throughout specific markets, and in North America, the vehicle doesn’t seem to have the most active followership. Despite that, LBI Limited has come into ownership of an amazing 1998 U 1550L model, and for once, it’s listed on American shores.

There isn’t much information on the newly-listed platform, but one thing’s for sure: it’s one of the finest we’ve seen. With only 2,010 miles on the odometer, this unique, militaristic model has a long life ahead of it, meaning that it’s prepared to take on the outdoors in style, without its owner having to worry about faulty equipment or mechanical issues. Like many of its compatriots, the well-optioned Crew Cab boasts an expansive rear storage area, a formidable off-road suspension, and large, grippy tires to help it traverse virtually any terrain that stands in its way. To give it a more utilitarian look and feel, it’s been finished in a shadowy Olive Green and Matte Black and retains its original left-hand drive, complementing a manual transmission and four-wheel drivetrain. More information is slated for release within the coming days, so head over to LBI’s website to keep an eye on the $150,000 Benz.

Purchase: $150,000