Frateschi Garage Turns Suzuki’s DR800 Into A Fuel-Injected Street Tracker Moto

Suzuki’s DR800 was a dual-sport model derived from the Japanese moto company’s late ‘80s Dakar Rally racers. Though there’ve recently been rumors of a revived “DR Big,” Brazil’s Renato Frateschi of Frateschi Garage decided that, instead of waiting on the Hamamatsu firm, he’d just build his own contemporary DR800, and give it the street-tracker treatment along the way.

Starting with a full engine rebuild, the normally-carbureted ‘Zook’s been fitted with a custom fuel-injection system, new ECU, and other modern electronics that now allows for multiple fuel-maps and Bluetooth connectivity that can relay mileage, speed, RPM, and GPS to a smartphone. The stock skid-plate remains in play, though it’s been hit with the same blue livery as the build’s modified CB400 tank, and custom track tail section. Riding on a 19”/17” wheel setup, the build also sports Brembo brakes, a custom subframe, inverted 43mm WP forks, a Sachs mono-shock, LED lighting throughout, digital instrumentation, tracker bars, gold-anodized shorty levers, a tracker-inspired front number-plate, numerous 3D-printed parts, and a bespoke one-into-two full stainless steel exhaust terminating in a pair of pipes on the right side of the tail. To see more of Frateschi Garage’s work, check out the shop’s website linked below.

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