Land Rover Defender D90 Beach Runner

Imagine jetting down the flat sand on a foreign beach, looking for that perfect peak to catch a surf session or ideal beach camping spot before nightfall. Well as dreamy as this scenario may sound, it’s a relevant possibility thanks to a little help from our friends over at Cool & Vintage.

Their latest project, this AA Yellow D90, has beach getaway written all over it. Serving as yet another testament to the talent this vintage workshop has up its sleeve, this beach runner is outfitted for both an off-roading experience and complete reckless abandonment from life’s menial stresses. The ’94 Defender now hosts a rugged trim to prevent any sand or water from entering the cabin, a complete set of water and UV resistant Dice and Onyx seats, a NAS style cage, and now rolls atop a complete set of brand new BF Goodrich Mud tires. Outfitted for the adventurous types and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a bit of the unknown in their weekend plans.

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