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This $377K Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Is 1 Of Only 4 Imported To The USA

Ferrari’s immaculate automotive platforms have steadily evolved throughout the years, but few of the Italian automaker’s models solicit a feeling of nostalgia quite like the 1990s-era 348 GT Michelotto Competizione. The only issue with the car is its inherent rarity. Only 11 were ever built, and of those, four exclusive platforms ever made their way to the North American market. Luckily, one of those western models was just listed for sale on Auxietre & Schmidt.

The 1994 Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Competizione you see here is an incredibly well-kept model that was originally shipped to Florida’s largest factory-authorized Ferrari dealer, Shelton Sports Cars. Upon arrival, the car was allotted to two private collectors, before making its way into the hands of the highly-respected enthusiast, John O’Quinn. Since then, it found its way back overseas and into the home of its current European owner. Having accrued only 4,000 miles of on its odometer over the course of its life, the car was used primarily for track days and parades. And in 2019, the 348 GT underwent extensive mechanical servicing, resulting in a full engine check, belt replacement, transmission rebuild, and brake purge. Now, you can own the car for an estimated $377,910.

Purchase: $377,910