Vagabund Moto’s BMW R100RT V12 Is The Definition Of ‘Black Beauty’

The BMW R100RT is an extremely successful platform, especially in the realm of aftermarket modification. Sadly, this can lead to an over encumbrance of similarly-outfitted bikes within the industry, making it all the more difficult to find a true gem. But Vagabund Moto knows exactly what it takes to stand out — illustrated, once again, by the outfit’s most recent project, the 1994 BMW R100RT V12.

The BMW R100RT V12 is a 100% street legal moto that exemplifies Vagabund’s commitment to excellence, boasting a unique glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) wheel cover, a retro fit collective upper triple tree, and a 60mm reduced front fork to enhance the cycle’s menacing demeanor. When it comes to performance, there’s not much to write home about; but aesthetically, there’s an extensive list of bespoke additions that give the R100RT a look all its own. A shortened LSL street bar and modified rear frame are complemented by the bike’s black ceramic-coated HATTECH Y-pipe and silencer, Grimeca Brakemaster cylinder, and 3D printed rear end, which includes a handful of custom-made housings. Needless to say, this blacked-out beast is in a league all its own. Head to the company’s website for more info on the bespoke build.

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