Unik’s Suzuki ‘Big Suzy’ Scrambler Is A Piece Of Functional Off-Road Moto Art

Aside from a quick powder coating, most custom motorcycle builders opt to leave their bike’s frame free of bright colors or superfluous paint schemes. After all, when it comes time for reassembly, the last thing you want is to see that hard work go to waste with an ill-timed scuff.

However, when Portugal’s Unik Editions was approached by a customer asking to turn their 1991 Suzuki DR800 into something “cool,” they immediately knew that a more artistic build was in order. As such, they contacted Vasco Costa to paint the frame, tank, and skid plate with a unique illustrated linear pattern. But that’s not all — elsewhere, you’ll find that the big DR trades its stock bodywork for a tank from a Suzuki GN, a custom leather seat, and a set of hand-made side covers. Complemented by some shortened enduro fenders, it cuts quite the striking scrambler. Much more than an aesthetic update, Unik also relaced the wheels, fabbed up a new exhaust system, and swapped out the touchpoints for some sourced from Brembo and Domino. Suffice to say — this Suzuki is a build that’s as capable off-road as it is impressive on the eyes. Click the link below for more.

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