Expedition Motor Co’s ‘White Wolf’ Honors The G-Wagen’s Military Roots

Few outfits know their way around Mercedes-Benz’ Geländewagen — better known as the ‘G-Wagen’ — than the Expedition Motor Company. For the last half-decade, the East Coast operation has restored and customized countless examples of the iconic German SUV, and their latest work continues Expedition’s tradition for gussying up one-off Geländewagens.

Dubbed, the White Wolf, this transformed 1991 250GD started with a complete tear-down, stripping the 4X4 to the frame. The stocker’s 2.5L straight-five diesel mill was refreshed using all-new components. The coach was treated to Expedition’s signature bumpers front and aft and one of the shop’s black, cabriolet tops, which is juxtaposed by a coat of the original white factory paint adorning the body panels. Auxilary lights sit flush in the rear bumper, while out in front there are new fender-mounted indicators shielded behind metal guards and modern LED headlights replacing the original factory items. On top of a snorkel kit and rear jerry-can and holder, the White Wolf also sports genuine steel-reinforced side hooks, which are a blatant nod to the model’s history of being transported via helicopter in its days of military duty. Finishing details include a revised interior, BFGoodrich All-Terrain rubber, and modern suspension components. The result of more than 1,000 man-hours of labor, the White Wolf can be purchased for $92,150.

Purchase: $92,150