1990 Land Rover Defender 90 200TDi

The NHTSA are usually sticklers about letting non-homologated vehicles into the US for operation on public roads, barring those that evade the regulators grasp by being imported 25 years or more since the car was manufactured. Collectors have been saavy to this rule for years, and a few years back one connoisseur used this loophole to smuggle in this beautiful 1990 Defender 90 turbo diesel.

Brought to the states from the UK, this RHD Defender 90 was given a complete run through by Retro Rover of Las Vegas to put the shine back on the little rig. With the truck’s body being in great condition, the restoration process focused primarily on rehabbing the drivetrain. The 2.5-Liter turbocharged diesel received the deluxe treatment from Keith Gott Land Rover, including fresh belts, head gasket, and injectors, putting the pep back in the step of the Defender. Inside the cab of the pint sized panel truck, the seats got fresh covering, with new skins on the headliner and center console to match. While this example may not be in perfect condition, it is primed and ready to get out and have some fun in the dirt.

Purchase: $25,000