This 1989 Alfa Romeo ES-30 ‘Sprint Zagato’ Is An Immaculately-Kept Auto Rarity

Throughout history, a handful of automakers have sought to push the boundaries of contemporary automotive platforms, creating experimental concepts and namesakes that, to this day, remain shrouded in mystery. It’s understandably rare to see these vehicles out and about, especially since so few of them ever made it to production. The 1989 Alfa Romeo ES-30 Sprint Zagato, on the other hand, is a bit more enthusiastic to enamor automotive audiences with its unique design.

The 1989 Alfa Romeo ES-30 Sprint Zagato (or SZ, for short) you see here is an immaculately-kept model with under 26,000 miles on its odometer — an exceedingly rare platform worthy of admiration, regardless of taste or palette. As the final vehicle produced by the lauded automotive manufacturer in such an abnormal state, the Experimental Sports Car 3.0, or ES-30, calls upon a punchy 3.0-liter V6 Busso engine, an enthusiast-focused manual transmission, and an improved performance suspension system to help it rocket around renowned driving roads with ease. Inside, a magnificent refurbished interior boasts great-looking leather upholstery, a unique rear seating are, and period-correct peripherals. Head to Asphalt Classic, where the vehicle is listed for sale at around $69,900, for more information.

Purchase: $69,900