Honda Dominator 650 By Atelier Medusa

While we have our favorite shops amongst those in the custom motorcycle community, we also find it incredibly refreshing to see some new kids on the block – especially when they can build something as beautiful as this 1988 Honda Dominator 650.

Out of France, Atelier Medusa is relatively new, but they’ve got the talents of a far more experienced crew – as evidenced by this tremendous transformation. What started out as an ’80s-styled dual-sport motorcycle has changed into what we can only describe as a dirt-devouring demon of a scrambler. From its distressed tank (lifted from a Honda XLS 500) and its complement of brand-new LED lights¬†to its set of Firestone ANS military tires – this bike is a beautiful piece of functional artwork. While the likelihood is that this impressive little beast is already spoken for, it does excite us to see what Atelier Medusa comes up with next.

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