Worlds Collide In This Custom BMW Collab Bike Built By WYLD & Ironwood Customs

Photos: Justin Wade Orton

The aftermarket motorcycle scene is rife with competition, so it’s rare that customizers can come together and deliver a bike with a cohesive design wheel to wheel. Still more impressive are those whose development spans international waters, because the logistics of building become that much trickier.

The 1988 BMW R100 pictured here is one such bike, for it’s the result of a collaboration between the Netherlands’ Ironwood Custom Motorcycles and USA-based WYLD Garage Co. So, while the former was responsible for the original conceptualization, the latter was tasked with bringing the final product to life. And boy, is she a looker. Around the front, you’ll find a completely rebuilt fork with lowered Racetech springs, Cognito Moto CNC’d clamps, and a set of Brembo brakes. Complemented by a single-sided YSS setup at the rear, it should offer markedly better handling. Good thing too, because WYLD also overhauled the engine with new valves, springs, guides, seats, and gaskets to ensure that it was fresh and firing as it should. Rounded out by a custom Tig-welded exhaust setup, matching red leather detailing, and a premium Motogadget display, this is one bike whose execution speaks for itself. Click the link below for more.

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