1987 Kawasaki KZ 250 ‘Shadow 26’ By Valen Zhou

There is an abundance of custom motorcycles with incredibly clean appearances. So clean, in fact, that we’d be afraid to take them out of the garage. So we love it when we come across a bike that still looks great, but also begs to be taken out on the road or trails, like this 1987 Kawasaki KZ 250 by Valen Zhou he’s named, ‘Shadow 26.’

Muscled into its current apocalyptic form with little more than piss and vinegar at Zhou’s disposal, this bike is a prime example that all you need in order to build an amazing custom bike is a little time and a lot of imagination. Not quite a flat tracker and not quite a bobber, this bike’s frame was actually cut in half and refitted with a new custom tail before getting put back together. And it also has one of the strangest fuel tanks we’ve ever seen — actually, it’s not a fuel tank at all, but rather a camping flask under a custom shell. The oddities continue further down, like a seat spring from an old bicycle. It’s one of the oddest custom jobs we’ve ever seen but also stands out beautifully against its overly-polished brethren. [H/T: Iron & Air]
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