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This 704HP Ford RS200 Is One Of Only 24 Rally-Ready ‘Evolution’ Models

The Ford RS200 is already one of the rally world’s most important vehicles, debuting in 1984 as a way for the famed automotive manufacturer to meet FIA Group B racing homologation requirements. While the original model was special, in its own right, only 24 of these blessed platforms would claim the “Evolution” namesake, with one standing head and shoulders above the rest.

As you might have already surmised, the 1986 RS200 Evolution model that you see here steals the show as one of the finest production models in existence. Of its 24 brothers and sisters, this unique platform would be custom-built for its first owner, Frank Profera, adopting suede-savvy MOMO peripherals, Speedline split racing wheels, rally-spec AP Racing brakes, and a fully trimmed interior. Below the hood, the inclusion of a ported Mk II head, IMSA-spec intercooler, and enhanced turbocharger brought big gains to the car’s original powertrain, resulting in an established output of 615 horsepower, and 510 lb-ft of torque — almost 100 HP more than other Evolution variants. At a later date, the car would receive a bespoke ECU upgrade from the UK’s Brian Hart Limited, resulting in an astonishing 704 horsepower and 535 lb-ft of torque, overall. Now, the restored example is listed for sale via Canepa for an undisclosed sum.

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