1986 Chevrolet Silverado By Classic Car Studio

The guys at Classic Car Studio – the shop spotlighted on the Speed Is the New Black television show – have a knack for capturing the spirit of a car while still imbuing it with new and interesting build elements. One such vehicle is their new 1986 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck you see before you.

Though the distressed appearance is weathered and vintage-inspired, it betrays the brand new beating heart beneath the hood. You see, this thing has a supercharged LT4 engine powering it – which is capable of a whopping 640-horsepower, making this truck a formidable force on the road. Along with the new power plant, this old school-styled pickup also got new Revcaro seats and 5-point harnesses in the cab, HRE performance wheels with Wildwood disc brakes, a new lowered RideTech suspension, and a hefty new sound system to bring it all together. While lowered hot rod-style vehicles are not always our cup of tea, this one is definitely an exception to that.

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