This Origami-Esque ’80s BMW Cafe Racer Moto Was Inspired By Stealth Fighter Jets

While there are renowned one-man bike building operations like Hazan Motorworks and Alonze Custom that do pretty much all of their own work in-house, the best custom builds are usually born out of a collaborative team effort, benefitting from the extra sets of eyes and individual expertise that each member of the team brings to the table. And such is the case with this absolutely stunning 1986 BMW K100 christened the “Nightcrawler” from Bavarian shop, Crooked Motorcycles.

Constructed from DC01 cold rolled steel and inspired by the angular aesthetic of the Lockheed F-117 stealth fighter, the build’s origami-esque tank was designed by Ivan Lit in 3D, before being cut with a water jet and welded together by local torch guru, Fred Flitzefuß. RT CNC whipped up one-off triples to accommodate an inverted fork while Switzerland’s Yves Knobel was responsible for the Flying Brick’s bespoke upholstery and Big Chief’s Dieter Bals was tasked with laying down the project’s blacked-out paint scheme. The massive joint effort also includes the swing-arm and gearbox off of BMW’s K1100, a custom subframe, Wilbers shocks, a Cobra SPX Carbon exhaust, Motogadget electronics, Motoscope Pro display, grips, and bar-end LED indicators and mirrors, Magura levers and master cylinders, knobby rubber, various carbon fiber bits, and a naked LED headlight. Truly a collaborative effort at its finest. To see more of the build you can check out Crooked Motorcycles’ website linked below.

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