1985 Honda CR500 ‘Pedrosa’ By Deus Ex Machina

It’s true that custom motorcycles built to celebrate the careers of their riders are a sight to behold, but it’s not often that we’re completely and utterly floored by such projects. With inspiration from Red Bull’s Silent Samurai — a film that explores the intriguing career of Spanish motorcycle phenom Dani Pedrosa — Michael Woolaway and the crew at Deus Ex Machina have once again blessed the motorcycling community with an immaculate custom, the 1985 Honda CR500-based “Pedrosa.”

With Red Bull as the primary collaborator behind the build, Deus decided to utilize Pedrosa’s trademark engine, the Honda CR500, as a centerpiece for the custom bike. After fabricating a hand-built frame and a slew of 1100-O aluminum bodywork designs referencing dirt-track DNA and Americana style, the team opted for the installation of an automatic compression release to simplify the cycle’s startup. This led to the conceptualization of a hand-machined cylinder head modification that would make it easier for Pedrosa to start the bike, alongside a custom-made seat courtesy of Saddleman, Davie Durelle adjustable triple clamps, Ohlins 43mm dirt track forks, and a Race Tech hand-built shock — all of which make the bike the perfect certified weapon for the Silent Samurai himself.

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