AETHER Made A Ruggedized 1985 Alfa GTV6 Built For Alpine & Off-Road Adventure

Since its inception in 2009, AETHER has been producing technically-focused, built-to-last garments and gear for adventure and off-road lifestyles. And rather than simply marketing to this adventurous demographic, AETHER embraces the lifestyle themselves, as evidenced by its latest collaborative project, a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 that’s been transformed into an Alpine rally machine.

Appropriately christened the “Alpine Alfa,” this ambitious automotive project was born out of a joint effort between AETHER, Los Angeles shop, Hi-Tech Automotive, and transportation design consultant and co-founder of OILSTAINLAB, Nikita Bridan. Drawing inspiration from the Lancia Integrale S4 and other rally-spec racers campaigned in the East African Rally, the GTV6 was laser-scanned and then redesigned using 3D software. The Italian 2.5L V6 has been gifted a full coil-over suspension conversion with custom arms, linkages, and shock mounts, and a massive 6.5” lift kit, plus a bespoke roof rack with an integrated LED light bar, a custom relocated fuel cell, a full suite of skid plates and crash protection, fog lights, tow hooks, a shielded exhaust, and a custom AETHER-designed livery with a color-matched roll cage. The rear decklid has also been deleted to make room for a dual rear tire hatch and an outdoor trunk area.

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