1983 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk3 ‘Bazooka’

The classic Italian motorcycle brand Moto Guzzi has been gaining a lot of traction lately, thanks in large part to the custom motorcycle scene. This particularly gorgeous example, a 1983 Le Mans Mk3 made by Ruote Fiere, required a little extra love and attention to get it into the stunning form you see before you.

Found in poor condition in Northern Italy — the result of an especially bad custom job in the ’90s — this bike has been given a new and, frankly, vastly better life at the hands of shop owner Davide Caforio. The inspiration for this build was taken directly from another beautiful motor vehicle, the Porsche 907, evidenced by its clean bodywork and stark black and white paint job. But getting the bike to this condition took quite a lot of work, including modifying the frame to suspend the engine (rather than supporting it from below), fitting it with new electrics and an ignition system, and equipping it with a custom monocoque tank and seat arrangement. As is the case with many works of mastery, this bike looks far less complex than it truly is — which is sort of the point.

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