1983 Land Rover Defender ‘Petrol V8’ By CoolnVintage

Land Rover broke the mold with a number of their ostentatious designs, but few are as iconic as the 1980s Defender. Using the classic 4×4 platform as the starting point for their most recent build, Cool & Vintage has prepared a handsome off-road transport in the form of the 1983 Petrol V8 — a dark, intimidating overlander that blurs the lines between form and function.

Aside from the vehicle’s beautifully crafted, custom deep piano black exterior, the company has opted to redress the Land Rover’s already impeccable interior with Bespoke Black Connolly leather trim, a Marshall wireless sound system, and a cleanly-defined design layout — bringing the traditional cockpit into a simplified, modern realm. The vehicle looks right at home among the mountainous regions of Portugal and reveals an expansive rear section thanks to a unique, roll-up canvas siding. Now, the off-road Rover is looking for a brand new owner. If you’re interested in picking up the rugged black beast, head on over to Cool & Vintage’s website for more information.

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