FJ Company’s Toyota Land Cruiser G43-S Is A Clean Militaristic 4×4

When it comes to the construction of great-looking Land Cruisers, the FJ Company is hard to beat. They’ve created some of the industry’s most renowned builds, and have reveled in more than a few restorative ventures since they burst onto the scene years ago. Now, the company has added another awe-inspiring off-roader to their catalog — a 1982 G43-S 390 that’s dripping in militaristic charm.

The 1982 Land Cruiser G43-S that you see here started out as a run-down red variant; but, after falling into the hands of the FJ Company’s talented team, it’s made a striking comeback that’s difficult to ignore. On the vehicle’s exterior, you’ll find a fashionable hard-top, a set of enhanced off-road wheels, and capable peripherals to keep you out of trouble when the trail gets tough. A beautifully-implemented Olive 6H9 paint adorns every component, offering an interesting contrast to the vehicle’s shadowy accents. It’s powered by a rebuilt 1GR-FE engine that’s been coupled with a five-speed manual transmission, allowing for the driver to bask in full tactile control over the Cruiser’s capable powertrain. But, it’s the interior that’s truly mesmerizing — a mixture of plush red leather, green framework, and an updated dash/center console bring the G43-S into the realm of modernity. Sadly, the vehicle has already been sold to its next owner — but that doesn’t mean we can appreciate its well-built stature.

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