MotoRelic Gives Honda’s ’80s-Era Ascot A New Lease On Life

The modular, overburdened motorcycle designs of the 1980s were subjectively attractive — at least, in their own special way. Large, angular fairings, durable metalwork, and spastic color offerings dominated the market, but amidst the industry’s various platforms, a striking new style would claim the spotlight: the Thumper. After noting the runaway success of some of the era’s most prominent “thumper” platforms, like the Norton Manx and Velocette Thruxton, the famed Japanese manufacturer, Honda, decided to join the fray with the oddly-named Ascot.

Since the conception of the vehicle, the Ascot has seen quite a few custom iterations, and now, one of Hamilton, Virginia’s most prominent bike builders, MotoRelic, has turned the torquey, begotten beast into a seemingly race-ready platform. The cycle’s distinctive battery mount, bulky rear frame adornments, and electrical components have all been removed, making way for a MotoRelic’s tailored TS250 tank and minimalist aluminum body panels. Street-ready Shinko tires are mounted on the bike’s stock wheels, while a custom MotoRelic exhaust (with universal muffler), Shorai battery, and an intricate pearl, red, yellow, and blue paint round out the boisterous build.

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