This 1982 BMW R100RS ‘Two Face’ Tracker Is DEUS Harajuku’s Final Build

The closure of DEUS Ex Machina’s Harajuku branch is a sobering reminder that even the greatest shops aren’t immortal. Like many, they fall upon hard times, hit a creative impasse, or, in a more positive light, break free of mundanity to create something even more inspiring. Before the shop uttered its closing words, however, its team was able to gift the world with one final customization — a 1982 BMW R100RS succinctly known as “Two Face.”

For those of you who are familiar with the 1982 R100RS, you’ll realize how drastic a transformation has taken place. After discarding the tourer’s cumbersome body panels and unneeded components, DEUS’s Harajuku outfit took to the drawing board, settling on two distinct builds that they would like to pursue. With an impending deadline and a substantial lack of time to complete both, they decided to incorporate pieces of each project into the new build, utilizing two different fuel tanks, an updated and modified exhaust system, and a new headlight/tail cowl to create the rambunctious street tracker that you see here. Head to DEUS’s website to learn more about the Harajuku branch’s final custom motorcycle.

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