The FJ Company Built The World’s First 4-Door ‘Troopy’ Land Cruiser

The folks at the FJ Company have been lovingly restoring and updating vintage Toyota Land Cruisers for a decade now. And their distinct combination of superior craftsmanship, respect for the vehicles on which they work, and an incredible depth of knowledge has helped set them apart from the competition. But they may have just outdone themselves with their latest project, a four-door 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 ‘Troopy.’

For reference, the ‘Troopy’ Land Cruisers were originally built for, you guessed it, hauling around military troops. Interestingly, however, they never built a four-door version. As such, this project required a good deal of fabrication to get everything looking like it actually rolled off Toyota’s factory floor. Despite the changes, it still features an all-steel body, a genuine Land Cruiser chassis, and some updated modern Toyota parts to bring it into the modern era. It’s also powered by a 4.5L 1FZ straight-six engine and has a modern interior with Recaro front seats, an Alpine stereo with Apple CarPlay compatibility, climate control, retractable bench seats, LED lighting, and a good deal more. Unfortunately, she’s already spoken for — but that won’t stop us from gazing upon her beauty with wonderment.

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