1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

When it comes to Japanese automobiles, there is no better 4×4 — past or present — than Toyota’s Land Cruiser. And while modern examples have their strong points, we’re especially fond of older, classic examples. Thankfully, there are enough out there in working condition that customizers are restoring them fairly regularly — like this 1981 FJ40 by Classic Car Studio that’s up for sale.

While it looks new enough that it could have just been driven off the lot, this 4×4 took quite a lot of love and care to get it into its current condition. That includes a full rebuild of its 2F engine, a comprehensive transmission inspection and reseal, the replacement of a number of ignition and fuel line components, and a complete stripping and repainting of the body. Even the suspension and steering components have been rebuilt or replaced. Thankfully, the folks at CCS know better than to tamper with the iconic looks of this 4×4 SUV — which is being offered for a shockingly-low $49,900.

Purchase: $49,900