This Kelly-Moss 1981 Porsche Safari Is Perfect For High-Speed Off-Roading

If you’ve been around our content for a while, you’ll know that we have a soft spot for virtually every Safari Porsche that’s been released. Naturally, our love for the style is further exacerbated whenever we see one stumble across the auction block, or come in contact with a notable seller. Such is the case with this 1981 911 SC — a Kelly-Moss-built racer that’s equally as viable on the blacktop as it is on the dirt-covered byway.

This beautifully-imagined Wine Red Metallic variant recently made its debut over on Vicci Car Auction’s website for an understandable $144,000, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the finest Safari models in the industry. Drawing from Kelly-Moss’s long-running expertise in the realm of Porsche’s off-road-worthy vehicles, this 1981 911 SC has received a full engine-out rebuild, resulting in replacement cylinder head studs, an extensive fuel system service, and the replacement of the vehicle’s motor mounts. After making the car more formidable on the trail due to its reinforced lower control arms and upgraded bushings, the builder opted to introduce a set of hefty Exe-Tc coil-overs, off-road Rally shocks, BFG All-Terrain tires, and a Lietz-style roof rack, helping it to navigate backcountry roads with ease. We’ve only scratched the surface on this amazing build, so head to Vicci’s website — where the car is currently listed for sale — to learn more.

Purchase: $144,000+