1981 Honda CX500 by PopBang Classics

All Photos: Kenny Smith

It’s ironic that 30 years had to pass before Honda CX500s developed a serious following. Maybe it’s their vintage look or their easily customizable design, but there’s been a flurry of several CX500 reboots over the years. However, it appears that Justin Holmes of PopBang Classics may take the cake with his personalized water-cooled V-twin.

Holmes wanted to keep the bike simple, classic and classy. And that he did; giving the bike the lines it should have, painting it green and putting the biggest tires on it as possible. He molded a Norton-shape fuel talk out of fiberglass-painting it Jaguar green, glass blasted the V-twin and rebuilt it with a new crank and pistons, aqua-blasted the carbs and even fitted a hydraulic clutch with matching master cylinder on the clip-on bars. Despite the slew of additional add-ons the finished product handles well, is relatively light, and quite agile for its size. Be on the lookout for more projects from PopBang and Holmes as we feel this might be just the beginning.

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 2

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 3

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 5

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 6

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 7

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 8

Customized Honda CX500 Bike 9