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This One-Of-A-Kind Swiss Hot Hatch Is Powered By A 260HP 3.0L Ferrari 308 V8

Founded by Franco Sbarro in the early 1970s, Sbarro is a Swiss, boutique automotive marque that primarily trades in replicas, sports cars, and one-off projects. Despite the diminutive size of the company, Sbarro managed to make a name for itself by introducing a number of noteworthy concepts and prototypes at high-profile auto shows, including two insanely-potent hatchbacks.

The first of these compact track weapons was the “Super Twelve,” a hatchback powered by a V12 made from mating together two inline-six mills from Kawasaki’s Z1300, though a few years later Sbarro cranked things up a few notches with the “Super Eight.” Though it shared a similar body style, the Super Eight was kicked along by a mid-mounted 3.0L V8 from Ferrari’s 308 GTB that was tuned to put down 260hp. The Super Eight also got a gated shifter linked to a five-speed transmission from the Prancing Horse’s 308, along with a host of other top-shelf Ferrari components. Boxy, rally-inspired bodywork and gold wheels further the car’s unmistakably 1980s vibe. Despite the fact only one Super Eight was supposedly ever built, that example has just popped up for sale through Belgium’s Speed8 Classics, where its price is available upon request.

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