CMC Is Restoring Aston Martin’s 1-Of-1 200+MPH ‘Bulldog’ Concept Supercar

The dawn of the 1980s gave way to a new automotive design era of neo-space-age vehicles, though few if any examples exemplify the time’s style quite like Aston Martin’s 1980 concept car dubbed the “Project K.901” or simply the “Bulldog.” Looking like something straight out of Bladerunner, the British-built prototype was penned by William Towns and features gull-wing doors, pop-up headlights, a wedge-shaped profile, and an interior that’s heavily influenced by fighter-jet cockpits.

Powered by an Aston Martin 5.3L V8, the Bulldog was good for speeds exceeding 190mph, though, despite its idiosyncratic appearance and impressive performance capabilities, the plug was eventually pulled on the project by the end of the 1980s. Fast forward some four-decades, and Aston Martin’s Bulldog is getting a new lease on life, with the experts at the UK’s Classic Motor Cars treating the early ‘80s concept to a complete, ground-up nut and bolt restoration. Expected to take roughly 18 months to complete, this one-of-one specimen is presumed to be able to break the 200mph barrier upon its completion, thanks to the benefit of some modern internals and components. To learn more about this ambitious project, you can check out CMC’s website linked below.

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