1979 BMW R80 ‘Skyway’ Boardracer By Hutchbilt

The custom bike world is absolutely flooded with BMW builds. And it’s almost feeling like people have run out of ideas, as there’s not a ton of variation in their styling. Sure, that styling works and its dangerous to take a risk – but a well-executed off-the-wall bike can be a gorgeous thing. Just look at this 1979 BMW R80 ‘Skyway’ by Hutchbilt.

What started as just a minor tweak job evolved into the wild California-inspired bike you see before you. You see, builder Jeremy Hutch was sick of seeing cliché airhead builds, so he designed this one to be entirely unique. That meant upgrading to a Yamaha R6 front-end, adding custom brake rotors, affixing on it an anti-aircraft grade headlight, tucking away all wiring, and drawing styling cues from an ’80s BMX bike – from which the bike also gets its name. You might also notice, beneath the hexagonal-stitched Napa suede tank cover that matches the seat, there’s a Mexican-blanket style paint job that looks suspiciously like an interpretation of BMW’s racing colors. As far as unusual bikes go, this one is simply stunning.