1979 BMW R100/7 Hammerhead by Hookie Co

There’s nothing like an air-cooled BMW to really help lift our spirits on high. Not only have they been around for quite some time, but they’re rugged to the core and represent a fine canvas for custom work. So it comes as no surprise that this R100/7 was perfected and given the Hookie Co. treatment – if you will – rounded out with a fine black and gray paint job that’s inspired by ancient and aggressive nature of hammerhead sharks.

To start things off the good folk at the Hookie Co. workshop had to get their hands dirty in rebuilding the engine, carbs, brakes and front suspension seeing how these mechanical elements had certainly seen better days. The original R100 airbox was kept, however, while the wiring was upgraded to Motogadget’s all-new Bluetooth enabled m.unit.blue. A new subframe was also fabricated from steel tubing, a pair of new YSS shocks keep the ride as easy going as possible, and an Alcantara seat adds a bit of refinement to the new ride. Up front, there’s also a new Trucklight LED headlight, an embedded LED taillight out the back, freshly painted original fuel tank, and it cruises atop a set of Continental TKC80s for both on and off-road capabilities.

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