1978 Yamaha SR500 ‘Good Days’

While a lot of custom motorcycle builders go a little over the top with their projects, some of the best ones are those that are kept simple. There’s a joy to be had in straightforward riding machines. But it’s also important to note that simple does not necessarily mean simplistic. Such is the case with this 1978 Yamaha SR500 ‘Good Days’ scrambler.

Built by Daniel Peter, a Czech-born photographer based out of Chicago, as a side project between jobs – this bike is as straightforward as they come, but it was also a fairly thorough rebuild. That includes a stripped-down and sped-up 540cc single engine, a Powerdynamo ignition, a Kedo high flow oil pump, a 39mm Keihin FCR flatslide carburetor, Brembo brakes, and a Cone Engineering muffler. The forks at the front were swapped for a lowered pair from a 95 ZX6R and lights were swapped out for LEDs, including a custom rig on the tail end. All told, the bike is actually 66 pounds lighter than the stock version, weighing in at just 282 pounds wet – an impressive feat if the bike didn’t look as good as it does. Best part is: this bad boy is for sale.

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