1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 by FJ Company

It’s not everyday you come across an original, pristine vehicle from the 70s – particularly a vehicle as iconic as the Land Cruiser FJ40. Thankfully the folks at FJ Company have got you covered with a showroom worthy offering in this 1978 Land Cruiser FJ40.

Specializing in Toyota FJ restorations, FJ Company’s motto is, “We build Land Cruisers like they used to.” And boy do they ever. With over 40 years of experience, the team restores these gems to their original form, and sells them to enthusiasts all around the world. This specific U.S. model is one of our personal favorites. It features an upgraded 5-speed transmission, an added Vintage Air a/c system to ensure you’re comfortable in any weather, along with an electronic ignition for added convenience. And what about that Rustic Green paint job? Stunning. It also comes with both a hard and soft top. Unfortunately this specific model just sold, but the company is always working on a new project. [Purchase]

1978 Land Cruiser FJ40 2

1978 Land Cruiser FJ40 3

1978 Land Cruiser FJ40 4