1978 Honda CB750 K7 ‘Wolf’ By Hookie Co.

In our day to day, we see a lot of custom bikes. But the ones that stick with us the most aren’t the most out-of-this-world or flashy – they’re the ones that still haunt us after we’ve closed up shop for the day. This new project from the brilliant customizers at Hookie Co, a 1978 Honda CB750 K7 they’ve dubbed ‘Wolf,’ is one such bike.

While the finished product looks like a good bit of minimalism, a lot had to be done to this bike to get it in its current drool-worthy condition. For instance, the entire engine was rebuilt with an 830 cc big bore kit, the frame was cleaned up and cut down, the front forks were swapped out for those from a GSX-R, the rear drum brakes were rebuilt, and the entire electronics system was completely revamped. Finally, to top off all the brilliant changes, this menacing moto is finished off with a contrasting gloss and matte black paint job. Another superb work from the folks at Hookie Co. We just wish it wasn’t already spoken for.

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