This Is What The Beloved Suzuki Jimny Could Look Like As A Bonafide Rat Rod

Suzuki’s mighty little Jimny is arguably the most celebrated mini SUVs of all time, with the diminutive Japanese machine becoming a go-to platform for off-road vehicle enthusiasts looking for an affordable yet dependable option. With the model dating back to the early 1970s, the two-door runner has been treated to all manner of transformations and customs projects, though for obvious reasons, the majority of them are off-road-focused, which is part of what makes this rat rodded Jimny concept all the more original and impressive.

The design is a product of Munich, Germany’s les83machines, which is the banner that Caracas, Venezuela-native, Leo Esteves works under in the conceptual vehicle design space. With es83machines’ bread and butter being high-performance street cars, the Jimny represents a change of pace for the concept artist. Sitting just off the ground, the vehicle now sports wheels that sit parallel to the body and happen to be roughly the same height. The interior now benefits from a roll cage and race seats, too. As chopped up as the vehicle is, the largely untouched hood and grille leave little doubt as to what model this project began life as. To see more, check out les83machines’s website linked below.

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