1975 Ford Bronco ‘Stroppe’ Edition By CFB

Building one of the most classic vehicles of all time is one thing, but creating a timeless platform that builders will recreate for decades (and possibly centuries) is something else entirely. Ford’s iconic Bronco is one such vehicle, and with the widely renowned restoration shop Classic Ford Broncos at the helm of the SUV’s most prolific rebuilds, it comes as no surprise that they’ve released the “Stroppe” — an homage to the legendary Baja racer, Bill Stroppe.

Stroppe made a name for himself as one of the most prevailing racers of his era, impressing Ford to such an extent that they made him and his partner, Clay Smith, the figureheads of their West Coast racing operation. Eventually, the manufacturer would release the Stroppe Baja Edition Bronco — dubbed by classic enthusiasts as the “Shelby of Broncos” — which featured a number of design choices and personal touches courtesy of Stroppe. The 1975 Bronco you see in front of you is slightly removed from the original, sporting a Ford 302 V8 engine, C4 automatic transmission, and an iconic cream interior that solicits an astounding sense of nostalgia. An upgraded suspension raises the truck 2.5 inches, while Borgeson power steering, Wilwood disc brakes, an original paint scheme, and a custom roll cage design give the American SUV an identity all its own. If the well-kept aesthetics of the Bronco weren’t enough, perhaps the strikingly low 300-mile odometer reading will give you a run for your money.

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