Legacy Overland Calls Upon 3 Eras Of Range Rover For This Classic V8

Despite common belief, from-the-factory Range Rovers aren’t always fit for the off-road applications that they’ve become known for. In fact, it takes a certain kind of dedication to get them into an overland-ready state. But Connecticut’s premier vintage restoration company, Legacy Overland, has decided to try something a little different with their most recent project — an amalgamation of three classic Rover’s from the manufacturer’s greatest era.

The fully-restored example you’re seeing here is, in fact, a 1974 variant that’s built upon a 1973 Suffix B model chassis. To keep things rolling in the right direction, a 3.5 liter V8 with twin SU carburetors from a mid-1980s platform, a body requisitioned from a 1983 Rover, and a five-speed transmission courtesy of a late-80s version of the vehicle have been pieced together to create Legacy Overland’s self-proclaimed “mutt.” Needless to say, the vehicle’s all-terrain orientation has left it with far more gumption than its factory-fresh counterparts — proven further by a set of 16” Rostyle wheels and BF Goodrich 265/75×16” tires. If you’re interested in this project or looking to inquire about your own bespoke build, head over to Legacy Overland’s website for more information.

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