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Gildred Racing Is Building Ten 500+HP Supercharged MK3 Mini ‘Super Coopers’

Though Mini Coopers have long been popular platforms of customization for vintage and club racing, we’ve never seen anything quite like the newest build series from Santa Barbara-based shop, Gildred Racing: a limited-to-ten run of mid-’70s Mini Coopers that have been transformed into ultra-high-performance, tire-eating, 500hp+ track weapons.

Dubbed the “Super Cooper Type S,” the heavily-modified Minis are powered by Rotrex C38-81-supercharged (2003) Acura CL-S V6 engines with Arias forged pistons, J35 cranks, Crower H-beam con-rods, ARP Head studs, Masters FX350 clutches, and six-speed transmissions — an arrangement that’s reportedly good for 502hp and 383ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheel! Further performance upgrades come from fully-adjustable coil-overs and Wilwood quad-piston forged billet calipers- chomping down on 9.5″ vented rotors. These specially-built Super Coopers are also wearing MK3 Sport bodies and riding on 13” rims. The interiors get heated/cooled Recaro LX seats, custom upholstery, AEM electronics, and an Alpine stereo and dash-integrated tablet, among a slew of other optional upgrades. The first of the ten builds is currently for sale for $150,000, though Gildred is building nine more specimens, all with dozens of customization options and all at a similar price. For more information, check out the Super Cooper Type S website linked below.

Purchase: $150,000+