1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight

Porsche has a longstanding history as one of the most iconic automakers of all time, and with a model like the 2.7 RS Lightweight, which holds critical acclaim as one of the greatest 911s ever made, it’s hard to dispute that fact. Luckily, a few of these classic rides are still around — and better yet, a number of them are still up for grabs.

The 1973 2.7 RS you see before you is an immaculately kept vehicle, confronting the fear of passing time as a true champion and boasting a rare right-hand-drive system that makes it one of only 17 to ever be produced. The 2.7 lived most of its life on Ireland’s winding roads before undergoing a complete rebuild in the 1980s by the renowned specialists at Autofarm — and again, in 2016 underneath the watchful eye of Maxted Paige Ltd. Nearly every inch of the vehicle has been meticulously rebuilt, and every aspect, minor to major, has been documented within a highly detailed history. Hexagon Classics are offering the vehicle for private purchase in the coming days — and with this particular ‘73 RS sporting an ultra-rare Blood Orange colorway (making it one of only two to ever claim the prestigious shade) — you’d better act fast.

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