1973 Maserati Bora 4.9

Maserati has solidified their standing in automotive history as one of the most tasteful brands to ever come out of Europe — as such, it comes as no surprise that the company’s classic platforms are in a realm all their own. This 1973 Bora 4.9 is one such vehicle — a testament to Maserati’s impeccable technical (and aesthetic) progression throughout the ages.

The 1973 Bora 4.9 was originally created for ItalDesign by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a legendary designer who oversaw the materialization of the vehicle from start to finish. An extravagant, slim-line body and a handsome black leather interior denoted the classic car’s greatest attributes. But there was more to the vehicle than just looks: a hydraulically driven pedal cluster and adjustable Citroën steering wheel gave the car a futuristic feel for the era, while the 4.9L V8 engine helped to put strenuous power to the blacktop. In 1989, the vehicle’s original body was fully restored, alongside a Champagne Brown factory recolor and Oro Kelso lacquer — which were approved by Maserati as the platform’s original variants. The Bora 4.9 is available now via Prins Classics and is expected to fetch upward of $276,000.

Purchase: $276,000