1973 Land Rover Range Rover By Legacy Overland

In a world dominated by ever changing technologies, it is a breath of fresh air to experience a classic car unchanged from its showroom glory. Doing their best to keep true to a period piece, Legacy Overland sticks to their slogan of delivering ‘new vintage motors’ with this beautifully restored 1973 Land Rover Range Rover.

The frame off restoration of this French native commenced with media blasting the chassis and body before spraying down multiple coats of fresh Bamaha Gold paint that give a like-new sheen to the forty four year old rig. A reworked Buick V8 pumps power to the four speed transmission, which spins girthy Firestone super all-terrain tires. Dual live axle suspension is hung from coil springs and four wheel disc brakes, providing solid footing for the classic beast. New glass all around and fresh swaths of generationally correct shag carpeting provide a crisp appearance to this road ready utility vehicle.

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