Deus Ex Machina France Whips Up A Turbo-Kitted 1970s BMW 2002 Racer

Custom vehicle builds often have a funny way a snowballing into far more elaborate and involved projects than their creators originally intended when they first started. And such is the case with the latest one-off work from Deus Ex Machina, which initially planned on simply restoring a vintage BMW 2002, before the build ballooned into a markedly more complex endeavor.

Starting with a decrepit pre-1974 barn find ’02, the Bavarian-built runner was gifted all-new bodywork with Phase 1 lip kits front and aft and flared out wheel arches, before being hit with a coat of gloss orange paint. The handiwork of France’s Old School Crew drift club, the stock engine’s been replaced with the 1.8L four-banger from the E36 318iS, along with a custom turbocharger kit, manifold, a programmable engine management setup, bigger flywheel, six-speed gearbox with a reinforced clutch, and a self-locking differential. The modified front lip also wears the original 1973 2002 Turbo’s backward-printed branding. The interior’s been treated to an aftermarket steering wheel and seats, and various elements with orange accent stitching. Other upgrades include custom-built shocks, and a braking setup cannibalized off of a Ferrari F355. A blacked-out front grille, smoked lighting, black aftermarket wheels, custom mirrors, and Turbo badging.

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