EV West Partners With Volkswagen To Electrify The Iconic Type 2 Bus

First released in 1950, the Volkswagen Type 2 — or “Bus” as its often called — was the German outfit’s second-ever model. Like its Type 1 predecessor (The Beetle), the Bus became something of an instant classic, remaining in production for decades and spawning a slew of subsequent variants and generations. Even nearly seven-decades since its launch, the VW Bus remains steadfast as one of the brand’s most celebrated and recognizable models of all time. This week, alongside the company’s slew of recently-unveiled electric concept vehicles, VW has just pulled the cover off an electrified version of the boxy four-wheeled icon.

An official factory-backed project carried out in collaboration with EV West, the battery-powered Bus is built around a 1972 T2-generation Type 2 that’s had its four-cylinder gas-engine swapped out for the 35.8kWh battery pack and 134hp electric motor from a 2017 e-Golf — more than doubling the donor’s stock power output. The California-based conversion experts also managed to cram the E-Bus’s charging system and single-speed transmission into the rear compartment of the Type 2, which also had its suspension tweaked to better compensate for the added weight of the hefty batteries. Boasting a claimed 125-mile range, the converted mid-century classic car is now on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

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