This Golden 1972 Porsche 911 2.4T Oel Klappe Is A Perfect Restomod

The gearheads at Timeless Garage created a restomod headquarters to bring your dream vehicles to life, providing you with customization options to reinterpret an original design in a way that speaks to you. One fine example of their work is the gorgeous 1972 Porsche 911 2.4T Oel Klappe “Heidi.”

Previous Porsche 911 models were prone to oversteering at certain speeds due to the rear-mounted engine placement. In 1972, the dedicated effort to improve the handling of the 911 led to the Oel Klappe model. The Oel Klappe’s oil tank was relocated to the front of the vehicle, improving weight distribution and handling for a better driving experience. This rare 911 Oel Klappe is refined by Timeless Garage to have an overall smooth aesthetic. It’s finished in a stunning golden yellow colorway complimenting its sleek black wheels for a pristine look that’s sure to make a statement on whatever road it speeds through. “Heidi” is one of many vehicles Timeless Garage has improved tremendously with their eye for clean contemporary design. Contact them now for a custom build.

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