1972 Ford Bronco ‘Silicon Valley’ By CFB

With 2019 fast approaching and 2020 to follow, the car world is eagerly anticipating the official unveiling of the new Ford Bronco. But while others are keen to wait with bated breath, the likes of CFB (Classic Ford Broncos) are keeping their focus squarely on the past. And, so long as they keep producing restomods like their 1972 Ford Bronco ‘Silicon Valley,’ we’re keen to stick with them.

At first glance, ‘Silicon Valley’ might seem like a misnomer for this retro-styled classic SUV. After all, both the outside and the cabin have top-tier vintage looks. However, they betray the modern tech found beneath the hood. You see, this 4×4 boasts a brand-new Ford Racing 5.0-liter Coyote engine good for an impressive 435HP, alongside a 3″ Bilstein suspension, Wildwood disc brakes, and Borgeson power steering. So, while it looks old-school, the performance this Bronco offers is anything but. It’s the perfect meshing of past and present — and it can be yours for $215,000.

Purchase: $215,000