This Iconic Detomaso Pantera Is A Time-Tested Supercar Beauty

There are a lot of classic vehicles out there, each with their own historic relevance, traits, and stories. Detomaso’s Pantera is one such platform, boasting an interesting design principle that took the automotive industry by storm in the early 1970s; and now, a splendid example has emerged from the woodwork.

The 1972 Detomaso Pantera you see here is decidedly intrinsic, illustrating one of the most well-kept variants we’ve ever seen. Not much is known about the beautiful vehicle, aside from the fact that five-speed manual coupe exhibits the revered traits of the legendary automaker, to a T. At the time of its release, the Pantera fell under the purview of Ghia’s American-born designer Tom Tjaarda, who introduced a steel monocoque design to transition away from the company’s traditional backbone chassis. This was a first for De Tomaso, who sought to solicit the vehicle in North America with a 5.8-liter, naturally aspirated Ford Cleveland V8, capable of around 330 horsepower. Throughout the early 1970s, the Pantera’s hand-built Carrozzeria Vignale body became a symbol of the car’s illustrious European heritage, and today, it’s become one of the most sought-after examples from De Tomaso’s storied catalog. If you’re interested in the acquisition of this beautiful vehicle, head to Motorcar Classics’ website, where it’s listed for $199,900.

Purchase: $199,900