This Datsun 240Z Hides A 600HP Supra Engine Under Its Hood

Datsun’s 240Z is a monolithic flagship vehicle that’s stolen the hearts of many since its release. It made a name for itself as one of the most important, and iconic, vehicles of all time, helping to bridge the gap between the North American and Asian automotive market following its debut. As popular as it was, the car has never been a posterchild for power. But, thanks to Kansas City, Missouri’s CCW Wheels, that’s about to change.

The company’s 1972 Datsun 240Z is certainly a sight for sore eyes, at least in the aesthetics department. But what makes the well-kept car so special isn’t its exterior; it’s what lies within. Below the vehicle’s sculpted hood, you’ll find a Toyota 2JZ inline-six engine — the legendary fourth-gen Supra powerplant that’s become widely lauded as one of the most tunable platforms on earth. As a result, this lightweight, 2,300-pound 240Z boasts upward of 600 horsepower, promoting its candidacy as one of the meanest Datsuns in Middle-America. Performance-wise, the vehicle houses a slew of bespoke modifications, including a custom driveshaft, limited-slip differential, D2 coil-overs, and tasteful fender flares that complement the Z’s custom-made CCW Classic 5 forged wheels.

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