Lamborghini Polo Storico Fully Restores A Famous Singer’s Historic Miura

Lamborghini’s early models are a testament to Italy’s prestigious automotive heritage, especially when they’ve found their way into the hands of history’s most prolific individuals. While the manufacturer’s classic Miura boasts a large following due to its legendary identity, there are a handful of variants that are a bit more influential — including this impeccably restored 1971 P400 S by Polo Storico.

After Lamborghini’s iconic 1969 Miura was ousted as the vehicle of choice for sensationalist operatic and jazz musician, Frank Sinatra, a number of his notable peers took to the market for one of their very own examples. Enamored by the prospect of a well-built sports car that was owned by the world’s elite, Sammarinese singer Antonio Ciacci (known as “Little Tony”) decided to procure a model in March of 1971. The vehicle was delivered straight from the factory, boasting a unique title as one of only six to ever be released in the coveted Azzurro Mexico colorway. After a time, Ciacci relinquished the car to a prominent Italian collector who, to this day, retains ownership. As with many historic vehicles, the need for a period-correct restoration was well overdue. So, to keep the Miura as close to the original as possible, the owner approached the famed Lamborghini Polo Storico division for a full restoration. Now, this P400 S is making its triumphant return at the 2019 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, hosted on the shores of Italy’s alluring Lake Como.

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