1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

While Ford’s Mustang is certainly one of the top-dog pony cars — it’s even the namesake of the category — there are some special editions that will go down in automotive history as far more exceptional than their entry-level brethren. The Mach 1 certainly fits into that category. But, as many great ones as we’ve seen, this 1970 restomod puts them all to shame.

You can tell with just a glance that this is an especially well-kept muscle car, with its ultra-clean paint job and a matching immaculate black interior, though a lot of that can be credited to its restoration. What really sets this thing apart, however, is the beast lurking under the hood. You see, the madmen who restored it also dropped in a Kasse Boss 600ci V8 engine that produces a preposterous dyno-proven 912 horsepower to the wheels — essentially making this thing a rocket on rubber. We’d expect the cabin of such a vehicle to be stripped of all creature comforts, as drag racers so often are, but it also has plush upholstery and even air conditioning. Best of all, this luxury ballistic missile can be yours for $139,900.

Purchase: $139,900