This Former Firefighting Land Rover Series IIA Pickup Could Be Yours

Although quite a few new SUVs are popping up with beefier engines and contemporary design, it’s hard to deny the beauty of classic off-road vehicles. This beautiful 1969 Land Rover Series IIA is a classic restored to be better than it ever was, and it’s looking for a new garage to call home.

Original an auxiliary firefighter unit in Portugal, this ride entered a private collection, where it received a Camel Trophy Sand Glow Yellow and black paint job. The rugged SUV benefited from a mechanical restoration to bring it to perfect condition. It features new brake pistons, hydraulic clutch pumps, fuel tank, marine wood loading bay cover, side exhaust, four brake pistons upholstery, and differentials. This ride also has brand new air vent rubbers, door window seals, rubber covers, and other details to make it a pristine ride. And there are only 14,292 miles on the odometer, so there’s plenty of fight left in this off-road machine. Get behind the wheel of this fresh Land Rover listed at $21,421.

Purchase: $21,421