1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat By Bumbera’s Performance

When it comes to classic cars, nothing say USA like American muscle. And while purists might tell you that an unmolested original is as good as it gets, we also happen to like the idea of modern tech with timeless good looks. And nowhere is that exemplified more intensely than in this 1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat by Bumbera’s Performance.

As you might guess from its name, this vehicle is built upon the bones of a 50-year-old Dodge Charger – with a stellar copper paint job and black leather interior. Under the hood, however, you’ll find a modern monster – a 2015 Hellcat engine capable of 707 horsepower – giving this old pony some much needed kick. Along with a new engine, she’s also got an automatic transmission, a touchscreen entertainment system, and paddle shifters. A perfect blend of old and new, this aging beauty has an profound new lease on life.

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